BSc in Dietetics

Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Dietetics

Duration of training: 4 years

Language of instruction: English

Head of the programme: Professor Dr Mária FIGLER


Description of the programme:  

Obese people have to fight several diseases that are in connection with their weight (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer). If you have the drive to help them, dietetics will provide you the required knowledge. Healthy eating – and thus the knowledge of a dietetian – is essential to prevent and successfully treat several diseases, as medications or a surgery rarely provide complete solution. Patients are often forced to stop eating their favourite treats, and a dietetian may largely contribute to the patients’ treatment, balance and well-being by offering enjoyable but healthy dietary options. 


Graduate prospects:

You can work as a dietetician in hospitals, public food services, pharmacology- and food production companies and even at fitness and wellness businesses and educational institutions in Hungary and other countries as well. After collecting sufficient practical experience, you may also start your own dietetics business.  


Application procedure: 

Application form should be submitted to the local representative in your country. If there is nothing indicated send it directly to the University Of Pécs Faculty Of Health Sciences International Bureau (address: Vörösmarty u. 4. H-7621 Pécs, Hungary). Skype interview


Application requirements:

  • application form
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  • intermediate English language proficiency certificate
  • CV in English
  • transcript of academic record
  • receipt for payment of application fee,
  • copy of passport