International Relations: Europe in the Visegrad Perspective - Joint Degree Programme in Pécs (HU), Cracow (PL), Brno (Cz), Banska Bystrica (Sk)

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities

Programme Name: MA in International Realtions: Europe in the Visegrad Perspective

Name of the Faculty: Faculty of Humanities

Degree: MA International Relations

Duration of training: 4 terms (120 ECTS)

Language of instruction: English

Head of the programme: Joint MA programme under the coordination of Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland


Description of the programme:

The aim of this joint degree programme is to build students’ competence in the area of international relations with emphasis on the economic, political, social and cultural implications of current global and European developments in international relations from the Visegrad countries’ perspective. The curriculum of the programme focuses on – among others - the major developments in contemporary international law, economics, security policy, politics and culture in light of the European integration processes seen from the standpoint of the Visegrad region. Our graduates will demonstrate high competence in both history and culture of the Visegrad and the wider Central Europe region as background for better understanding of contemporary international relations and the impact of European integration. They will be prepared to work in international organisations, diplomatic service, public administration, mass media and civil society organisations. They will be encompassed with an analytical ability to carry out individual research as prospective doctoral students. The programme lasts four semesters. English is the leading language of instruction. Upon successful completion of all requirements of the programme students obtain the Joint Second Cycle Degree in international relations: Europe in the Visegrad perspective. This joint degree is awarded and it had been accredited in accordance with national regulations of all V4 partner universities.


Application procedure: on-line, for further information see:

Deadline for application: there are 6 rounds, for further information, see:

Location of the education: Cracow (Poland), Brno (Czech Republic), Pécs (Hungary), Banska Bystrica (Slovakia)

Tution fee:  for EU students: 4,000 EUR per academic year, for Non-Eu students: 5,750 EUR per academic year. For 2014/2015 academic year up to 19 scholarships are available for V4 and Eastern Partnership memeber state students


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Schmidt, Andrea (PhD)

Title: assistant professor

Institution: Department of Political Science and International Relations

Phone/Fax: +3672503600/24499


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