MA in Human Resources Counselling

Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development 


Degree: Master of Human Resources Counselling

Duration of training: 4 semesters (MA)

Language of instruction: English

Head of the programme: Dr. Zsolt Nemeskéri


Description of the programme

The purpose of this course is to educate and train professionals who are experts in providing help to organisations and companies regarding any area of human resources management, one of the functional areas of leadership counselling.

In this course, besides laying a sound theoretical and methodological foundation, students will acquire up to date methods and techniques of strategy building, change management, personnel work and human resources management. Great emphasis is laid on specific aspects of organisational and social psychology relevant to the objectives listed.

In accordance with European tendencies special attention will be paid to career-planning and counselling, and a major discipline is devoted to equal opportunity and the treatment of disadvantaged groups. According to the tradition of this faculty students will also deal with employment policy, adult education as well as the interdependence of education and the workforce market.

From among the practical skills trained the abilities of counselling and conflict management should especially be pointed out. The curriculum also arranges for a compulsory professional field practice, where skills and knowledge acquired may be applied and deepened in practice.


Application procedure:

The arrival of the application is confirmed via e-mail. The Assessment Board reviews every application and makes a decision within 15 working days after the confirmation was sent. Every applicant will be informed about the decision of the Assessment Board immediately via e-mail. If the applicant meets the requirements and is informed about his or her acceptance they have to pay the tuition fee and send the receipt of the payment to the university. After paying the tuition fee the applicant will be provided with an official Acceptance Letter with which they can contact the Hungarian Embassy and apply for a visa.


Application requirements:

  • application form
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Copy of passport
  • CV in English
  • Copy of certificate of BA degree (officially attested English translation)
  • Voucher of payments (3990 USD tuition fee and 130 USD or 100 EUR application fee)


Please submit your application file to:

University of Pécs Medical School,

Student Service Center,

H-7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12., HUNGARY 

IMPORTANT: Please write to the envelope: “Master of Human Resources Counselling Degree Programme”

Deadline for application: 31 July

Location of the education: H-7633 Pécs, Szántó Kovács János u. 1/b 

Tuition fee:  3600 EUR / year

Application fee: 130 USD or 100 EUR


For more information, please contact:


Phone/Fax: +36 72 501 500 / 22520


Website: Information about the Human Resources Counselling programme