MSc in Applied Management

This programme is designed for students who want to deepen their knowledge of business and want to raise it to a higher level. The MSc programme is based on the BA programme taught in English at the UP.


Faculty: Faculty of Business and Economics

Degree: Master of Science (MSc/ Honours) Applied Management

Duration of training: 4 semesters

Language of instruction: English

Head of programme: Dr. Zsolt Bedő


Description of the programme:

It is possible for ambitious students to enter the programme with different business-related backgrounds provided they are willing to work hard. Innovative teaching and learning methods are used in the training and every year each class has a guest lecturer from Europe or the United States. Graduates have the possibility to obtain managerial jobs or continue their studies at the PhD level. One special feature of the programme is that it is validated by the Middlesex University, London. Upon successful completion of their studies students obtain two degrees, one Hungarian and one British from the Middlesex University, London. The programme operates with a February start.


Application procedure:

The arrival of the application is confirmed via e-mail. The Assessment Board reviews every application and makes a decision within 15 working days after the confirmation was sent. Every applicant will be informed about the decision of the Assessment Board immediately via e-mail. If the applicant meets the requirements and is informed about his or her acceptance they have to pay the tuition fee and send the receipt of the payment to the university. After paying the tuition fee the applicant will be provided with an official Acceptance Letter with which they can contact the Hungarian Embassy and apply for a visa.


Application requirements:  

  • application form
  • curriculum vitae in English
  • super legalized certificate of previous BA studies in business or related fields
  • TOEFL certificate (not older than two years)
  • the payment receipt of the EUR 100 application fee (the application fee is non-refundable)
  • 2 passport size photographs.


Deadline of application:

There is no deadline for submitting the applications, however it is to be noted that the visa application process can take two months. Therefore after 30th November the acceptance letter will be issued not for the upcoming but the next academic year.


Location of education: Rákóczi út 80, H-7622 Pécs, Hungary


Tuition Fee:

  • EUR 2,900 per semester for non- EU students
  • HUF 395,000 per semester for EU students


Registration fee: 749 GBP - 1138 GBP (to be paid once in the first semester of the studies)


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Gabriella Kohlmann

Tel.: +36-72/ 501-599/ 23372; 

Fax: +36-72/ 501-553


Business Degree Programmes in English

Faculty of Business and Economics

University of Pécs

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Rákóczi út. 80.


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