PhD in Business Administration

The International PhD Programme is aimed at professionals in business or public administration with several years of experience in their field, but not necessarily in research or education.


Faculty: Faculty of Business and Economics

Language of instruction: English

Duration of the program: 4 semester educational period + the research period

Program Director: Dr. Iván Bélyácz


Description of the programme:

Developed on the basis of the Hungarian PhD programme of the Doctoral School of Business Administration, it is as such nationally accredited. We pride ourselves on the fact that the International PhD Programme combines the advantages of contact-based and distance-based education drawing on the contribution of recognized national and international experts. In its design, the programme combines two major international traditions in doctoral education such as the American tradition (where several years of formal education is needed to get the PhD) and the European tradition (by rule with a usually limited number of classes and a strong emphasis on independent dissertation research).



In order to be considered for the programme, the Applicant must hold a master degree (MA or MSc in a relevant field or MBA). Prospective students who do not possess a master degree in Economics are required to complement their studies with a Master of Business Administration degree at an accredited institution.

Applicants who are still conducting their studies at the time of application must submit an official letter from their institution indicating the date of graduation. Students cannot enroll at the Programme until they have successfully completed their studies at the Master's level.


Application Procedure:

  • Students need to compile an Application Package that must contain the following documents:
  • Preliminary Research Proposal (one or two pages long)
  • Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Completed Application Form (available on the website)
  • Official Copies of (Degree) Certificates
  • Certified Translations in English
  • Transcript of Records in English
  • List of Publications (if any)
  • 4 passport-size photographs.


The documents should be sent to the following address:

International PhD Programme in Business Administration

Faculty of Business and Economics

University of Pécs

H-7622 Pécs,

Rákóczi út 80.



Programme Structure

The programme consists of two (preferably overlapping) parts:

  • the period of organized study (4 semesters) and
  • independent research phase

The study period provides the students with the opportunity to divide their studies into two parts: intensive study period spent at the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), UP and extensive home study. This approach combines the advantages of the contact-based and distance-based methods.

In each of the four semesters, students spend approximately 10 days on the premises of the FBE UP and follow lectures, attend seminars, have dissertation consultations with their dissertation advisors and may also do research in the Faculty Library.

Individual work is supported by the guidance of an experienced Faculty consultant (dissertation advisor). At the end of the sessions, students return home and continue their studies and research using the written study materials (books and scientific papers) provided or recommended by the instructors/dissertation advisor. Lecture materials are available on the Faculty and/or Programme Intranet that students can access from home.

Instructors of the various modules and dissertation advisors are available via electronic mail, should the students need advise or help during the home study period.

Should the students need advice or help during the home study period, instructors of the various modules and dissertation advisors are available via electronic mail. Evaluation is based on class papers (homework assignments or in-class exams) in each module; topics are designated by the individual instructors.


Graduation Requirements

In order to receive the PhD degree, students must accomplish the following: receive grades in all modules, pass the Doctoral Examination (Comprehensive Exam); have at least 30+ credits of publication that cover the area of dissertation research; prepare the PhD Dissertation; defend the PhD Dissertation.


Tuition Fee

The EUR 12,500 tuition fee has to be paid in four installments during the course of study.


For more information, please contact the programme administration:

Tel: +36-72/ 501-599/ 23337


Web site:


International PhD Programme

Doctoral School of Business Administration

Faculty of Business and Economics

University of Pécs

H-7622 Pécs, 

Rákóczi út 80.