Research and Development

The University of Pécs is one of the major players in the field of doctoral trainings in Hungary with its 22 doctoral schools. With this educational-organisational structure, our university counts as market leader even among the five most significant Hungarian institutions as regards doctoral degree programmes. In our doctoral and master schools 241 research fellows and 412 academic advisors are occupied. The number of students participating in the doctoral programmes reaches the order of 1000, on a yearly average 150 students achieve a Phd degree.

Within our research portfolio, research activites related to medicine are the most remarkable both in numerical terms and terms of effectiveness. This research field is represented by the most R&D topics, researchers and research results: publications and patents. As a result of the successful project proposals in the last years, the fields of natural sciences and engineering started to catch up. Besides, the University of Pécs maintains a strong position in social sciences and humanities among Hungarian universities.

The scientific activity of the University of Pécs is characterised by the fact that the number of scientific publications in the past years exceeded 4500 per year. After the steep incline observed between 2000 and 2010, we succeeded in keeping the number of scientific publications on a steady level despite the significant decrease of financial sources for basic research. The number of international references to these academic publications reached 20.568.