Strategic Objectives of the János Szentágothai Research Centre

To promote the economical-social development of the region and to channel the R&D&I activites of the university into the economic circulation in accordance with the „Triple Helix” model

  • obtaining a critical mass, securing the appropriate place, infrastructure, concentration of instruments and researchers, and creating the possibility of their use for educational purposes, establishing new forms of education.
  • to be in the center of the research activities of the university.
  • to provide location for the education of the next generation of researchers.
  • increasing the number of applications for grants, attracting R&D&I funding, exploiting the possibilities for project generation.
  • technology- and knowledge transfer, supplying the basic research needs of companies from the region.
  • increasing the competitiveness of the region: establishing an infrastructural and knowledge base with excellent and recognised scientific potential, as well as strong academic and industry links.
  • expansion and development of entrepreneurial skills, competence and capacity to support inter- and multidisciplinary research, innovations, improvements and their the socio-economic benefits.
  • inclusion of regional economic players into the research activity of the university.
  • involvement of practitioners into special research activities and the process of capacity building.
  • support of the dual educational system and attraction of students through cooperation with economic players.